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Mon, Apr. 16th, 2007, 08:11 am
zigmund_afraid: HPH in Moscow on 23/03/07

I had a small talk with Raymond on 23 of March and he said that HPH didn't sign to any labels yet (though wikipedia says thay had a new contract with EMI or something...). But still they plan to release the new album this autumn.
All the videos from that gig in Moscow are here:
same flv's in one pack for download:
And i dunno if i can do it (kick me if i have no rights for such things) but since i have it with me just wanted to share with u if u're interested :))))) My own cut of Visions track (once i needed a shorter version but i had no Radio Edit by that time...). It lies HERE! Well... In this shape it's not commercially available and the quality is not perfect so i guess it's not a big deal if i post it :))))