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Fri, Sep. 21st, 2007, 12:56 pm

Taken from a post on the HPH forums:

The President Of The LSD Golf Club

Release: 08/10

Album-info: Ten years Hooverphonic and the seventh studio album. An album with an especially intriguing title: ‘The President of the LSD Golf Club’. And has Hooverphonic come up with a psychedelic album? From the hypnotic opener ‘Stranger’ to the mystifying closing track, ‘Bohemian Laughter’, the answer is a definite yes.
‘The President of The LSD Golf Club’ pays homage to Alex Callier’s musical roots: retro-psychedelic, which is apparent in the way the album was recorded – you can practically smell the vintage…
Using the rough demos Alex had put down at home, the band, comprising six musicians, spent a week in rehearsals. In August 2006 they ensconced themselves in the La Chapelle Studios, deep in the heart of the Ardennes in Belgium. Under the auspices of veteran producer Mike Butcher, they recorded the album in just eleven days. Everything was played live. Not a ‘cut’ or a ‘paste’ in sight. Not only have the band recorded the album on their own label, this is also the first Hooverphonic album where the sound, the essence to quote Alex, literally came into being in the studio.
This is without doubt the most daring and experimental Hooverphonic album ever.

1. Stranger
2. 50 Watt
3. Expedition Impossible
4. Circles
5. Gentle Storm
6. The Eclipse Song
7. Billie
8. Black Marble Files
9. Stricly Out of Phase
10. Bohemian Laughter

Tue, Oct. 16th, 2007 12:17 pm (UTC)
ki_bor: #2

50 Watt is smashing, topping, bangup, unexceptionable, groovy, supereminent!

review is also swell