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Sit down and listen to Hooverphonic

..and then join this community

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This Hooverphonic community is maintained by frozenbitch, expressly for the purpose of discussing Hooverphonic or side projects by members of the band.
2wicky, alex callier, alternative pop, ambient pop, antartica, autoharp, barabas, battersea, blue wonder power milk, cinderella, club montepulciano, day after day, dictionary, eden, electro shock faders, frank duchêne, frosted flake wood, geike arnaert, hooverphonic, hooverphonic presents jackie cane, human interest, inhaler, innervoice, jackie cane, jackie's delirium, l'odeur animale, liesje sadonius, lung, mad about you, magenta, magnificent tree, my autumn's done come, nirvana blue, nr 9, one, one way ride, opium, others delight, out of sight, out of tune, pink fluffy dinosaurs, plus profond, raymond geerts, renaissance affair, revolver, sad song, sarangi, shampoo, someone, sometimes, the contract, the kiss, the last supper, the magnificent tree, the world is mine, this strange effect, trip-hop, tuna, vinegar and salt, wardrope